The History of Northwest Mining

The origin of business, Green Mining and Exploration, actually started in 1979 with the main emphasis on placer gold mining in several locations within the State of Alaska.  Over the next eighteen (18) seasons we operated placer mines in seven (7) different locations ranging from sixty (60) miles North of the Arctic Circle to two hundred fifty (250) miles by goldair, West of Fairbanks. 

Ruby, an Indian village on the Yukon River was where most of the work was done.  Our machinery was barged down the river and then traveled South another thirty (30) miles over land.  We gleaned a lot of experience related to depth, short seasons and lots of poor ground conditions at Long Creek which ranged from 40’ to 95’deep.

Northwest Mining, LLC was formed in 1996 for the purpose of doing small contracting around the Fairbanks area. 

Northwest Mining began to supply gravel needs to both Eielson Air Force and Ft. Wainwright (Army) Bases with the draglines.  We also began to sub for many local contractors.

We produced nearly 150,000 cubic yards of gravel for the Air Force and other contractors.

Over the next few years I began to bid on projects of my own. Northwest Mining‘s experience in planning, procurement and project management has enabled us to complete jobs in all types of weather, and during our short summer seasons.  We have completed unique projects in remote areas under harsh weather conditions.

Northwest Mining has become a reputable business doing General contract work throughout the State of Alaska.