Dalton Highway MP 57 Yukon Crossing Intermodal Facilities

Contracting Agency/Customer:   State of Alaska Northern Region DOT&PF

Contract Number:       STP-065-2(10)/61177

Period of Performance:  August 10, 2007 - August 1, 2008

Detailed description of project.

Northwest Mining, LLC performed all major tasks in the construction of the Dalton Highway MP 57 Yukon Crossing Intermodal Facilities. Key Personnel involved in this project were: Timothy Green, Managing Member, Thomas Laurencelle, Project Engineer and John Brogle, Foreman

Cleared brush and debris and removed hazardous material for site preparation.

Crushed 5000 yds. of surface coarse aggregate for construction of new parking lot.

Upgraded and defined the existing boat launch facility/highway interface by adding parking, day-use (picnic) area, staging area, outhouses, and trash receptacles.  Constructed and relocated the facility access.

Backfilled and compacted all culvert excavations within the project area. Dewatered several problem areas because of thawing ice lenses to enable significant construction performance.

Constructed containment dams to hold water saturated muck.

Deepened and graded the trench at the south side of the upper parking lot to allow the flow of water from the vicinity.

Constructed embankments across wet and swampy ground choosing such methods of embankment construction and used hauling and spreading equipment that least disturbed the soft foundation.