Project : Repair Cooling Ponds at Clear Air Station, Ak

Contract No:            FA5004-09-C-C009

Location:       EAFB

Completion Date:   September 14, 2010

Type of Work:        Repair Cooling Ponds

Firm Who Performed the Work:         Northwest Mining, LLC

Customer/Owner Information:

Customer Name:       354 Contracting Squadron Issuing Office
Point of Contact:       Ruben G. Mindieta, TSgt.
Phone Number:         (907) 377-2905
Fax Number:             (907) 377-2547

Key Personnel participating in this project:

Timothy Green, Managing Member 
Walter Nielsen, General Superintendent
John Brogle, Job Superintendent

Detailed description of project.

Northwest Mining, LLC performed all major tasks in repair of the cooling ponds at Clear Air Station.